Smoker Builder MFG Draft Master Kit BBQ Tool

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WELCOME to a new level of Pit Mastery!

 This is where you can get your COMPLETE Kosmo's Q Ultimate Drum Smoker built for you by SmokerBuilder MFG!

Just like Kosmo, YOU TOO can have the Ultimate Drum Smoker

Getting your own Kosmo's Q Drum Smoker is the next step on your journey to cooking better BBQ! 

We have designed these UDS Drum Smokers to be easy to use and last a lifetime!

The secret to great BBQ is not only in the seasonings, meat selection, trimming, and injecting but ALSO the Smoker itself!

Most Pit Masters put more focus on the recipe and the cooking process and forget that the foundation of Amazing smoked BBQ is the Smoker being used!

Let's face it, the recipe and the cooking process can happen the same way using the oven in your home. 

The SECRET to Perfectly smoked mouth watering BBQ is THIN BLUE SMOKE! This Drum Smoker gives you that every time!