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"People always ask me, "Are you a Pit Master?" I just smile and tell them, "I'm not a Pit Master, I'm just a Pit Hustler" Lighting Coals, Chunking Wood and Rendering Meat. Letting people experience something so amazing that all other instances will never be as good as the initial experience.



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Royal Oak Charcoal (Johnny Briquette's Choice Of Charcoal)


Here at Royal Oak, we value quality, which is why the nation’s top grill masters trust us for their charcoal needs. Our lump charcoal and briquets are made from lumber, not scraps and fillers. They’re 100% natural, so you get the best flavor without any unnatural additives. We’ve been making quality products from the beginning, for everyone from the competitive pitmaster to the at-home pros.


World Champion Heavy Smoke


Chris and Eddie are World Champion Pit Hustlers. They have plenty of hardware to back it up. Pick up Heavy Smokes White & Black label seasonings to bring your cooking to a World Champion level. 

3/14/2020 Olathe Kansas (Grand Champion) 

" The Pit Hustle 2.0 - 3 Inch Pipes For Hustling Power"

Smoker Builder Mfg ( UDS PARTS) Use Code: PITHUSTLEUSA For That Hustle Discount


SmokerBuilder was founded by Frank in 2010 with a small blog and a shop full of tools. The mission was to "Teach people to build a smoker". In 2011 Frank started SmokerPlans.net and started designing plans for customers to build their own pit from materials they had laying around. SmokerPlans.net has grown and now boasts over 200 sets of SmokerPlans™ and kits. In 2014 Tom came on board and they teamed up with Island Outdoor LLC of Commack, NY to produce and distribute a vast array of parts and supplies to the barbecue industry. In 2015 Derek joined as well and helped streamline their production and distribution. Eight years later the company has grown to provide the most complete and in-depth resource for BBQ Smoker and BBQ Pit design in the industry.